Harben® ‘P’ Type Pump

For over 15 years Naval Base Point Lomain San Diego have been utilizing the Harben® ‘P’ Type Pumpto carry out routine maintenance on the fleet of Nuclear Submarines.

Following extensive testing, the US Navy selected our ‘P’ Type Pump based on numerous factors including; it’s ability to run with minimal maintenance, the ease of maintaining the units in-house, ability to set up with an electric motor and the fact that all moving mechanical parts are immersed in hydraulic oil bath, not water.  They can also pump sea water without the need for any modifications.

Mr Byron Benard, Submarine Production Manager, explained that the pumps are being used for hydro lancing of the heat exchangers on the submarines and are operating at up to 6000 psi and 5.4 gpm.  They have installed the pumps utilizing their own design making them extremely versatile.

Having been in the US Navy for over 35 years, achieving E-13 classification and managing a team of over 300 people, Mr Benard has high expectations.  We are therefore excited by his comments, ‘The Harben® ‘P’ Pump is one heck of a pump.  We expect product quality and dependability and that’s what we get from Harben®.  It certainly is a great pump for industrial use.’

In addition to the support from Harben Inc.  Mr Benard has also enjoyed working with Walt at Harben California.  As well as being a retired Navy captain, Walt is one of our most experienced dealer having been affiliated with us for numerous years.  Harben California offers a full service shop from their premises, but the remote support has been equally as valuable to Mr Benard.  He commented, ‘When I need information, a solution to a problem or I just need an answer to a question I can always call Walt.’

Please contact usto find out more about the Harben® ‘P’ Type Pump.  Alternatively, if you are based on the West Coast you can contact our Regional Manager, Ron Gilbert, via email or on his cell (770)-203-9912.