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E180 Trailer Jetter

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The Harben E180 trailer jetter is Harben’s bestseller. It is suitable for cleaning drains and sewers from 1″ to 18” in diameter. The countries original “high pressure-low flow” jetting unit, this Harben trailer jetter holds a dominant place in the market.

Harben “run dry” high pressure diaphragm pump
375 gallon capacity
180 degree hydraulic & pivoting hose reel
Reel speed control valve
Jump jet (optional)
7 channel wireless remote control
Emission compliant diesel engine
Single axle trailer
Powder coat paint finish

At the heart of the E180 trailer jetter is our own Harben ‘P’ type high pressure diaphragm pump. It produces up to 4000 psi and up to 18 gpm and covered by a 5 year warranty. Peace of mind is guaranteed when you buy a Harben trailer jetter. Check out the unique advantages of the Harben in the video below.

It can clear blockages, descale and root cut which makes it the perfect choice when working in domestic and light commercial situations. The E180 has enough jetting power to drive our complete range of nozzle accessories with ease. Used in numerous applications from residential and commercial drains, to factories, farms and food processing plants.

Powerful yet compact it is built on a rugged single axle 3/16” steel tube trailer which is shot blasted and powder coated so able to resist all climates. A full weather canopy is fitted over the latest low emission 50hp diesel engine, providing clean power, certified for use across the country. The water tank holds an impressive 375 gallons and the 180° pivoting hose reel makes getting to awkward drains a lot easier.


  • 1/2” x 500 Jetting hose
  • 1/2” x 10’ Orange leader hose
  • 180° Pivoting hose reel
  • Jump jet pulsation system
  • Anti-freeze tank
  • Tiger Tail hose feed guide
  • 9″ Drain jet extension
  • 12v Auxiliary outlet
  • Strobe light
  • Chrome wheel rims
  • Camlock adaptor for tank filler
  • Water selector valve
  • Adjustable 2 5/16” ball hitch or pintle hitch
  • Manuals – operation & maintenance
  • Training during installation
  • Jetting nozzle options
  • Unloader valve (dry shut gun)
  • Warthog WS 1/2″ jet package
  • 2 1/2″ Hydrant fitting for tank filler
  • 2″ Jet pump
  • 25′ Fire hose & adaptor
  • Foot control valve
  • Garden hose fill system
  • Hose footage counter
  • LED arrowboard
  • Manhole light
  • Mini jet kit
  • MkII dump gun
  • Gun holder
  • Nozzle holder
  • Pressure relief valve (to replace burst disc)
  • Traffic cone holder
  • Tool box
  • Work station light
  • Non-standard paint colour option

Total Length: 15’
Width: 7’
Height: 6’ 6”