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Venturi jet pumps work very effectively on any high pressure jetter from 3000 psi/12 gpm and they can handle water, sludge and small solids with ease. They have no moving parts to wear and they are very simple to set up and operate.

Our venturi jet pumps are available in 2 diameters – 1.5″ and 2″. The diameter represents the mouth size of the jet pump. Any waste that can pass into the mouth can be pumped successfully.

The high pressure water from the jetter creates a powerful suction at the pump inlet. Material sucked in is swept down the delivery hose and into a suitable drain or container.

Jet pumps can be ordered with or without delivery hose and they will pump up to 25ft head.

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Suction Inlet Size

1.5", 2"

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Maximum Pressure

4000 psi

Maximum Flow

18 gpm